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Full Force Drilling offers a fleet of modified A5 drills. The A5 is one of the most recognized diamond core drills worldwide. It has deep hole capabilities but is simple to break apart and reassemble for fly projects. With only 6 main components to fly it can reduce helicopter time and keep projects on budget.

The A5 can also be outfitted with a rod handler in fly or skid configuration. This dramatically reduces fatigue on the helper when drilling deep holes, or installing wedges.

All moving parts are fully guarded and the drill is equipped with two emergency stops.

Full Force Drilling has modified the A5 to make it more compact, lighter and user friendly.

DEPTH CAPACITIES                  


HQ  1000 m ( 3280' )        


NQ  1550 m ( 5090' )              


BQ  1940 m ( 6360' )




- P foot clamp


- Winch hoist


- Rod handler (optional)


- Centrifuge system (optional)


- P head (optional)


- John Deere 187 HP

- Emergency stop switches

- 110% spill containment

- Full guarding on moving parts


Head with 160 cc rotation motor

Power pack (dry)

Iveco N67 MNT 175 HP Diesel Motor (dry)

Tower with saddle

Sub frame / stiff legs / lifting rams 

Level wind winch (3500 ft of line) and P foot clamp 

447 Kg (985 lb)

595 Kg (1310 lb)

605 Kg (1330 lb)

675 Kg (1485 lb)

452 Kg (995 lb)

516 Kg (1135 lb)


Mud tank with 435 pump and mixer motor

4 Person insulated survival shack 

70 Gallon fly diesel tank with 110% containment

99 Gallon fly diesel tank with 110% containment

Core baskets (empty) capacity 18 NQ or 15 HQ boxes

16'x16' Drill shack (fly's fully assembled)

435 Supply pump with containment and surge bottle

Rod rack with 2 large tool boxes and tooling

400 Kg (880 lb)

493 Kg (1085 lb)

376 Kg (827 lb)

501 Kg (1102 lb)

73 Kg (160 lb)

291 Kg (640 lb)

598 Kg (1315 lb)

500 Kg (1100 lb)

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